Friday, May 18, 2007

'The Big Debate'

The Big Debate

Recently The Horse presented a poll regarding horse slaughter. As a mouthpiece for the completely pro slaughter AAEP the poll was attempting to prove that the majority of respondents were pro slaughter. The question posed was 'Do you support or oppose a federal ban on horse slaughter?'

When they discovered that respondents were overwhelmingly anti slaughter, they created a follow up poll. This follow up was not even close to a Gallop poll by any stretch of the imagination. It was laughable with its imprecision, clearly begging their question, and ignoring significant facts about anti slaughter horse lovers.

The second poll asked if respondents could rescue a horse or horses, how many, and also required the email address, physical address and telephone number of the respondents.

The poll was completely skewed as many people who are anti slaughter are not horse owners, nor do they have any involvement in the horse industry beyond watching the Triple Crown races. The Horse proved absolutely nothing with the results of the follow up poll.

Here are the results of the 'Do you support or oppose a federal ban on horse slaughter? poll:

Do you support or oppose a federal ban on horse slaughter?

I oppose slaughter in every circumstance. 51.93% (2818)

I oppose slaughter for human consumption. 5.69% (309)

I support slaughter for humane euthanasia only. 14.78% (802)

I support owners' rights to choose slaughter for any reason. 27.60% (1498)

Total Votes: 5427

The State of Illinois passed a law banning horse slaughter in their state, as did the state of Texas. This means that at least three slaughter houses are closed. Dallas Crown is allegedly slaughtering horses for zoo food for carnivores. This is not against the Texas law. There is also Bravo Packing located in New Jersey and their killer buyers frequent the Camelot Auction. Bravo also slaughters for zoos. As with Dallas Crown, Bravo is not violating any New Jersey laws when they slaughter for carnivores.

It is imperative that the pending legislation passes as soon as possible. This will prevent the export of American horses to Mexico, Canada, and Japan. It will also force the closure of the 'back yard' slaughterhouses.

If you have yet to contact your two Senators and one Representative, you may find the directory of the 110th Congress here. Please do the following: Call the District office, write a letter, and send a fax. E-mail can be purged and never read.

Ellen-Cathryn Nash
Manes and Tails Organization

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